Monday, June 19, 2006

More employees for the hotel; I swear there are some non-mammals involved, just not tonight.
Theres a water foul in charge of manangement, but I've already reused some art from my website in my blog; it's probably not a good habit.

Anyway, Musk is a handyman (he's a wolverine, by the way) The fox is the theatre director, and the Chitals (an indian deer) is a waitress and a doorman. I know a woman probably wouldn't be able to be in charge of anything in the time period this is inspired by, but more on that later....

Another confession, the Musk was done quite a while ago, I just forgot about him unitl recently.



-frank said...

nice stuff sir... non-mammals are highly overrated. But on the other hand, BEWARE the Furry lovers.

SAL said...

hey Will,
I got an email from Discreet, they sound interested in showing your film at Siggraph... are you interested??

elephantmarchblog said...

sure, that'd be great