Saturday, August 12, 2006

Dorothy and the Tinman

So much left to do this week. I'll be working at home this weekend to catchup. I suppose that's normal for animator; I'm sure I'll toughen up in a month or so.

Anyway, I'm embarrassed to realize I haven't put any links on my site. Being fairly new at this, what's the ettiquette to giving peoples names out? If somebody puts a comment on your blog, is it safe to put there link on yours?


-frank said...

Love the lion! such a clean design.

as for linking ettiquite, that sounds like a fairly good one. I link friends and will probably make an inspiration link section seperate.

yums said...

These are super fantastic dude :D

MadameGaston said...

Nice take on Dorothy.. these are very beautiful!

I usually just link people who I personally know, and/or people who I really admire. If someone comments on my blog I'll link them if I like their stuff.
I doubt anyone would mind if you link then... they'd just feel complimented

Sean Covernton said...

I say link who you want, and etiquette be damned!