Sunday, August 20, 2006

Foster's nominated episode

Hear's a link to a Foster's episode that's nominated for an episode. I swear, as long Foster's is on the air, the world can be a happy place in spite of it all. Not only are the designs crisp and the animation good (for flash), but more importantly the characters are compeltely irresistable. You can put any of them in the most mundane situation and they can fly with it.

Hears a rendition two new characters winners from the second season, Goo (who makes her debut in the nominated episode) and the delightfully repugnant cheese. They've certanly gotten a lot of milleage out of the little guy (look for him on youtube).

The two officers are for my "without a clue" animatic. I figured I'd have to design them at some point. I decided to make they're bodies a big black sillhouette, with arms only visible when to the side of them, kind of like the thugs from the great "Trippletts of Bellville", now that I think of it.


yums said...

OOooo, that was the first episode I ever watched of Foster's HFIF! YAY!!! Actually, first and only... I'm never around a TV much... I was very entertained by the concept and design.

Alina Chau said...

I love that episode too! Cool police drawings!! Love the design!

RÃ¥nny said...

Ooooh, I really liked the designs in that one episode. Sadly, I don't watch it too often, but I am really glad to have seen that episode, it was really nice. Great new character designs, I really like the shapes you're using to differentiate the two officers, which will give them a nice silhouette.