Wednesday, November 22, 2006

my dad's farm

X-mas shopping went quickly this year; three people wanted me to draw stuff.

This one's a working piece for my little brother; it's a painting of my family farm. Yes I am aware the bull is a pitiful attempt at drawing animals the way Andrew Shek does them. Any designer with an appreciation for appealling and original animal concepts owes it to themselves to check out Shek's work; the guys dedicated.

  • Andrew Shek

  • For those wondering about the tire on a bull's head, I'll explain. We give cattle there salts and vitamins in pails we make out of old tires. Apparently bulls aren't known for there dining ettiqutte.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.


    Sean Covernton said...

    The bull looks a little too seperate from the scene. Both in the way he's coloured and the lack of a shadow. I'd play with his saturation a bit and maybe put some more detail and shading where he contacts the ground.

    Really nice bg!

    Incidentally I insist on taking all my meals from tires.

    christian said...

    Very nice design, and absolutely AWESOME stuff. Your style is brilliant, great to see your work at 'character design' blog. Bravo!!

    christian said...

    Thanks a lot for stoppin' by my blog and for the nice comments, William!!
    About the 'character design' blog I mean I saw your work there, you must look into the Portfolio Review section, just on the right column, then select November 2006 archives, and there you are!!
    I'll be back for having more of your cool art!! :)

    Andrew Shek said...

    hey William,
    I really like your colour choices for the bg, they're subtle and have the feeling of water colours. That bull is great, the head is so well designed....the only thing is I'd maybe move the front carpals higher a bit so they're more in the middle(thats something i noticed from drawing cows a lot) Otherwise, great work again! also thanks for the mention