Monday, June 25, 2007

The Great Geisha Robbery

I finally wrote a proper pitch for a movie idea I patented a couple years ago:

"The Great Geisha Robbery. A small group of Geisha perform the unheard of: they put the most imposing imposing japanese crime sydicates to shame by beating them to the heist of the century."

.I'm sure any geisha experts will be able to point out any rules or boundary's I've crossed over, as the proffesion of a Geisha is quite specific. Doubtless csotume inaccuracies, so please, alert me of any mistakes if you see 'im. And no, I did not hold the movie "Memoirs Of a Geisha" as a credible resource, thanks to my asian friends who were quick to disrepute it. The book iteslf (despite the dictator suing the author) I held some confidence in....

I don't take the skytrain very often, which is a shame because you see the most interestingly-shaped people on it; women in this case.

I was on the skytrain to metrotown to catch up with my cousin, who moved out here from the small town I'm from (Cranbrook).

She's cooking at a catering comapany, and is taking culinary arts next month. For this reason she's almost as excited about "Ratatouille" as I am. This friday: I can't wait!


Alexei Martins said...

I'm completely in love by your style!!!So cool!!!LOVE your Final Fantasy design!!!


Goobeetsablog said...

wonderful designs.
each face- unique
nice observational distortion
on the train sketches

Megan Ferguson said...

you are truely a master of your craft - lovely shapes , differences in character , personality

damn i feel so inspired - and looking back on you blog i missed alot of stuff ! your ff9 character drawings and animations make me fangirl to new heights ( considering its my fav game ever )

ahh , the skytrain :( how i miss it !

Kat said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! I love your geisha designs! They have so much awesome personality!

kadianimate said...

AHHH! geishas! So cool. I love the two playing the instruments i never remember... there was a special about Geisha on A&E awhile ago... it had that lady from America (cant remember her name either) who lived as a Geisha for a year for her university thesis. So it was really informative. She also wrote a book. Is it Liza Dalby?

...ok, i seriously cannot believe I remembered her name. Thats her!!On other news, if you're interested in Egypt, discovery channel is having a special on Queen Hatshepsut on july 15 at 9. THEY THINK THEY FOUND HER MUMMY. SO COOL.

Ok, so I am a nerd who freaks out when it comes to egypt. And japan. Ok, so everything XD