Monday, June 11, 2007


I got to go to a Ratatouille lecture at the International Film Festival on Saturday. It give away too much of the film luckily: half the actual film footage they showed was already in the 9-minute clip.

Oh but the acting I've seen so far is some of the best I've seen them do yet (Yes, better then the Incredibles); no doubt because they have such great dialog and subject matter to work with. And the color palette is miles above there others. Even more impressive when they told me it was there tightest schedule yet, due to changing directors and rewriting (only 8 months for animation). I can't wait!

Garnet Til Alexandro's the Third, AKA Dagger (Final Fantasy IX)

Garnet is the product of home schooling: And about twice as much self-schooling. This education includes training in the excessively strident mannerisms and etiquette expected of a Queen's daughter; the a vast wealth of scientific and historic knowledge past down to her by her private teacher and closest friend Doctor Tot; and about every play and story attainable in Gaia literature and stage. This has resulted in a vocabulary that is absurdly vast, poetic and humorlessly articulate. And she exploits it mercilessly. Garnet has a tendency to reiterate and over -analyze. Despite her complete lack of real world experience (a problem she yearns to solve), Garnet is observant, insightful and inspiring. Provided you can listen to what she has to say in one sitting, and are able to understand half of what she says.

Garnet's bright but naive, and finds everything fascinating and a warrant for vast study. She has a particular affinity for insects, probably stemming from her mothers death screams whenever Garnet presented one to her (the insect's feelings were doubtlessly mutual). Her princess training was not wasted however, as Garnet is also obsessed with grooming and social graces. This is contradicted by her fear of being spoiled and self-important and is scared to outwardly command anything of anyone. Of course, her servants would sooner she tyrannically ordered them around then have to sit through one of her long-winded exhortations. Garnet has taken advantage of her servants short attention spans on many occasions; particularly her lifelong bodyguard, Steiner.

Steiner's over-protectiveness has exceeded Garnets tolerance more then once. Still, the share a camaraderies in there longing for creditability. Like Steiner, she yearns to be taken seriously, no doubt why she pours every ounce of her knowledge into every sentence. And like Steiner, this only seems further people's patronizing. Both she and Steiner are constantly entangled in contest to see who can condescend to the other the most.

Garnet was born with the gift of white magic: magic that can heal, protect and generally defend in various ways. Because of this she feels there are things far more constructive and helpful she could be doing with her time. Unfortunately she also has a second, far less benevolent talent, and in recent years her mother and her military has been taking an unsettlingly enthusiastic interest in it.

For this reason, Garnet now has a selfless excuse to leave her kingdom and set out on a long-awaited adventure. Sadly, she'll quickly learn that brightness and knowledge cannot make up for experience and exposure, and she will have to acquire them both quickly, so quickly that it could be paiful.

VIVI ORTUNA (Final Fantasy IX)

Vivi's late grandfather always advised Vivi to keep his black magic (magic for attacking purposes), under his hat, lest it attract unpleasant attention. Consequently, Vivi seems to keep everything under his hat. The adorable Vivi is a walking imbodiment of repression. Shy and quiet, Vivi's ongoing goal in his young life is to avoid drawing attention to himself and to avoid confrontation. But to his despair things just seem to happen around him, and the lighter he tries to tread the more trouble seems to draw to him. But, his dieing grandfather's last request was that Vivi leave there mountain home and make some friends, perhaps find a second creature who looks like him; hopefully helping him overcome his identity crisis. Vivi and Zidane form a bond shortly after meeting based on there longing to find another person that looks like them.

He's the most polite and unobtrusive little boy you could ever meet, yet he seems to have a big impact on everyone around him. When asked his opinion, Vivi is all too happy to pull his hat over his face and mumble until his antagonizer loses interest. He'd be happy in his role as the bemused spectator of human life, yet his very presence seems to resolve most violent of quarrels. His face may be somewhat nonexistent, but its impossible to stay angry in front of it.

His curiosity is all most equal to Garnet's, but he's not nearly as willing to expose it. But then Vivi has great difficulty exposing any of his emotions. This results in them erupting from him all at once from time to time, often in the form of an overwhelming blast of fire or lightning from his magic fingers. He'll have to a back bone soon, however; his upcoming discoveries will place more burden on him then any nine-year-old should endure.


Goobeetsablog said...

nice image

Cady said...

A co-worker of mine sent me your blog, and I am blown away!
You're an amazing flash animator (I'm an animator too! We should talk sometime! :3 ), and your renditions of the FF IX characters are fantastic! I've actually got the Playarts Zidane happily sitting atop my monitor at work...^_^
Keep up the great work!

dan szilagyi said...

i have to say i love this walk as well, are you a big fan of all square's games or just FFIX? i'd love to see what you could do with some re-works on ffVIII or something like that.

Erin Middendorf said...

wooow, what awesome stuff! I love your redesigns of the Mario characters, your geishas, and the flash animations of the FFIX characters!! I loved FFIX, so I was full of glee to see your animations - I have so much to learn as far as Flash animation goes. I hope I can get as good as you someday!