Monday, June 04, 2007

Sarah's going the JB!

One of my best friends just got an internship at "Jame's Baxter" Studio in LA. Yeah Sarah! This was a goodbye card I made for her. She's "Tealin" on Blogspot (links on my blog), and is one of the finest draftsman I know.

"Hello, police? I'd like to report an elephant in my birdbath."

Yet another obscure cartoon by my hero. Credit to my pal Sean Covernton for finding in for me....

Aldebert Steiner: Final Fantasy IX

Affectionately known as "Rusty", Steiners worn and Ill-fitting armor has made him a subject for ridicule (in addition to many more deserving things...), but it's endurance is as stubborn as the man who wears it.

A respected knight in his youth, Steiner has been reduced to personal bodygaurd for Alexandrias princess. In her infant years, the princess underwent a cruel operation under her parents command, and Steiners protests on the matter cost him his rank. He would have been discharged altogether, but the princess refused to stop crying after her experience unless Steiner was nearby. Steiner was officially allowed to keep his title as Captain of Alexandrias Pluto Knights, but nobody really takes him seriously or considers him capable of anything beyond babysitting. Since then Steiner has been struggling to reclaim his honor. He has also developed an overzealous obedience to the Queen, for fear of being repremanded again.

Therein lies the tragic humor of Steiner: he's desperate for respect, but tries to hard to get it and only pushes himself farther away from aquiring it. He announces his full title upon every introduction, as if to remined people his is still at equal rank with his rival: The lovely Captain Beatrix. He's not stupid, he's just blinded by his own stubborn pride; not to mention his naive obedience to the crown. He's strong and unshakable physically, but emotionally he's extememly insecure and sensitive. This is possibly what makes him so clumsy and awkward; somthing the rougish Zidane becomes aware of and exploits mercilessly. When Steiner is outraged or insulted, he becomes flusterred and loses all coordination. Plus it's hard to take his seriously with his armor clanking wherever he goes.

His redeeming factor is his devotion to Princess Garnet: perhaps he feels indebted to her for saving his job. But now that she's become a teenager, there are times he would rather face the armies for the underworld then face another one of her moodswings. The princess has great appreciation for him regardless, and dotes on him constantly. This is essentiall the only form of consolation he gets from anyone, and even in doing so she robs him of his pride just like everyone else.


Goobeetsablog said...

nice drawings
filled with personality
nice tributes-both

yes. a great cartoon!

Sean Covernton said...

I love the snap in his step. Well done!

elephantmarchblog said...

Thought you'd like that. Did with your sense of timing in mind; I think you'd be the perfect voice actor for him...

Ben Reynolds said...

just visited your online portfolio..its really nice man..really well put together and presented too!

Rick Capistrano said...

i remember that cartoon!..."you're late!..he used to be pink!"