Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bryce's baby

My friends Bryce and Racheal Beezoyen finally had there baby. I haven't met him yet, but I've seen photos from there blog. Can't wait to meet it in perosn. I think I'll get him a sock monkey.

Another peice based on the Geisha heist story. I wanted to try and get the main ladies relationships defined.
Kimi and Seiko (the one's in front of the wall scribblings), seem to be the most antagonistic to each other, yet ultimately form the closest bond. They are both equally passionate and yearning for excitement, but Seiko's more of a grim pragmatist, while Kimi's passions tend to make her bolder then is good for a Geisha. Seiko both envy's and resents Kimi for this reason, and Kimi is frustrated that she's the only one who'll where herself on her sleeves.

Nami (under the waterfall), is the oldest and considerred the voice of reason amongst them, mainly because she rarely uses her voice, and speaks only when (or if) she knows exactly what to say. Oki (In the foreground) is brilliant but hesitant, and tends to be easily manipulated or swayed by the others, no matter how much smatter she knows she is. Miya and Miu are twins who are eerily symbiotic, and are unshakable when together but lost when seperated.


Jenny Clements said...

I'm loving the textured look in the Geisha one. Brilliant as always.

Bez-oy-in said...

Nice work Will! I especially appreciate you making my kid look so manly, haha! Cheers.

dan szilagyi said...

good stuff indeed will, its nice to see you plugging away at your project.
awesome stuff as always!