Sunday, September 23, 2007

Tonks and Lupin

Lupin's one of my favorite characters from the stories, and Tonks grew on me too. Lupin reminds me of my dad; Not just because my dads so bloody hairy, either. His cloak is based on a jacket my dad always wears when he reads, and I tried to give him wolf eyes. The fact that he reminds me of my dad is so funny because

I went to a burlesque-costume life drawing course last week. It would've been great, if the model didn't take five minutes between each pose to fill us with witty anecdotes.

This was another birthday card for a friend I met in my neighborhood (Mt. Seymour Parkway). We met for coffee a previous night, and she was insistent on keeping a cap on hiding her supposedly unsightly hair, due to lack of time to prepare properly.

Women worry too much about this stuff, in my opinion...


Javier said...

Great style!!!
I like your work too much.

Greeting from Santa Fe (Argentina)

Goobeetsablog said...

Ah yes...the "I'm not just a model, I'm an interesting person too" syndrome.

Great stuff.
Tight Designs

aintshakespeare said...

Right. I think I'd be kinda weirded out if a woman in taudry clothing who was supposed to be modeling kept on talking. I don't know why.

That Lupin and Tonks are great. They were great characters in that series. You've captured them quite well.

Meg Shaw said...

nice take on lupin!

where was this costumed life drawing session? I'm sorry I missed it.

Jellyjo said...

The Dr. sketchy was a good show. Sweet drawings and design!