Sunday, October 28, 2007

1st week in L.A,

Moved into this quant little hotel last Friday. $280 a week, which comes to about $1100 a month, but fully furnished with free internet, and close to a bus stop and groceries and all other needs. I just got this camera of Friday, so I'll get some pictures of my school later.

Went to Cartoon Network and dropped off a portfolio. Don't expect much will come of it just yet. But then, that's why I went to LAAFA. I saw some LAAFA brochures in their waiting room, so hopefully it'll look good to have taken these courses in the future.
And past the WB lot.

And to Universal. Lots of nice restaurants, but thought I'd try the Forrest Gump-themed one. Lots of shrimp, but pretty standard Fried food; the sushi place or the Chinese restaurants probably would have been better. Next time, perhaps.

Does anyone born in the last twenty years know where these guys are from? Read the old book a while back, and then the old BBC show. I thought it great character-based humor; you have this hopelessly narcissistic, childish, frivolous and lazy buffoon offsetting the otherwise quiet and uneventful lives of these kind, simple country folk. They are both bemused and infuriated by him, but secretly dote on him like a child and, deep down, envy his reckless ambitions.

I don't care how many people think he's a rip-off of Johny Five, the last promo for Wall-e (the one with the cockroach), made me just fall in love with him. He's kind of like an extension of the Luxo lamp; getting personality out of an appliance. I am curious to see how they animate Eve, who kind of reminds me of an Ipod. She's so bloody simple, I wonder how their going to make her look feminine.

My first week of LA life without a car. The transit is fairly reliable from my place to Balboa (LAAFA's street) but it's still a long walk from the train to the street the school's on itself, and because the buses in this particular area only go once an hour, you're often better off walking. Perhaps the area will be more pleasant once the fires have been put out; one of my poor teachers had to evacuate last week.


yums said...

Hahaha, good to hear you're alive and well. I enjoyed that last drawing of you trekking to school.

Sean Covernton said...

Take a big breath inside Cartoon Network and then tell me what the Big Time tastes like!

Love that Badger!

Badger badger badger badger... etc.

Ken said...

your work is fantastic, love your character designs

Rick Capistrano said...

OMG Will, that last drawing makes u look like you've aged considerably since u arrived in L.A. haha but I do sincerely hope things go well for u there!!
good luck n godspeed man.

Dan Szilagyi said...

Wow will,
sounds like you've had adventure! glad to hear about the move.
best of luck with CN too.
keep up in good health and best of luck down there!

Skid said...

Ugh. Transit there compared to here is absolutely horrible.
Good luck n such.

janis said...

hope you have a good time will, don't get hit by that once an hour could get so used to never seeing them, you figure they must be figments of your imagination, so you don't get out of their way...anyway, have fun!!