Sunday, November 25, 2007


I could come up with excuses for the absence of posts, but I'm sure it was nothing I couldn't have gotten around; a lot of failed attempts at personal projects in oil or watercolor that I had to scrap. Hopefully I'll have something traditional worth put up here before christmas....
Heres a two week old photo of china town. When I can relocate my effing camera I might be able to take some more (aarrrgghhh!).

This is for my dad...

And here's probably the most recent hands to get there hands dirty in cement... man their cute.

This was a poster project for my illustration class. Trying to get watercolor to work on the background. It was to promote alternative energy. I went with Algae; no taking up farmland or forest to grow it, and it grows really fast.

I thought of making a cheerleader pinup calender for my basketball brothers for Christmas. It's taken a while to get anywhere, because I can't make up my mind. I started out my usual graphic thing w/o lines, but decided I should try something I haven't done enough, and went for a more comic-book thing. Some feedback would be greatly appreciated. Perhaps I haven't followed any blog work through for the past couple weeks because I've been doing the same stuff over and over.... I dunno. It's frustrating.... I dunno if these girls are even sexy or just tacky.... it's easier to make it look charming in a broad, cute style.

Anybody know where this is from? One of my favorite games from my squandered adolescences. A fastidious bear and a miscreant bird fight a witch for the freedom of an island of weirdos that would challenge the muppets for diversity. it possessed the thing that draws me to Mario and what most "cool" games today lack; good old fashioned silliness. Really nice color palette two, in retrospect. The little shaman was hysterical. A part of me fears my mother was right in telling me I threw away too much time on video games in the past. But, perhaps


Skid said...

Banjo-Kazooie was such a rad game.

shellywan said...

Hey William~

I love your demo reel! the FF character walk cycles are HILARIOUS and i love them so much! you must do the hovering one too now that you shown me these~

There's this gallery in LA that's famous for doing art shows with nintendo characters:

maybe you could submit for their show too!

See you later,HP ;-p

Honkbarn said...

I hope your having fun in L.A. William. I can't wait to see your next brilliant piece. It must be nice to get away from the digital art and back to getting the hands dirty.