Sunday, December 02, 2007

Started off this week with a lovely bout of food poisoning. Still, when you overhear things while lying in a chilly hospital wing for threes hours, it tends to put things in perspective very quickly...

There was a very nice Finish girl in one of my painting classes who had to go back to Finland this week (to finish her Finish school, hyuk).
Visually she would make the perfect Luna Lovegood: dirty-blond hair, eccentric fashion sense, and an extremely peculiar (but oddly pretty) figure and facial features.

A couple watercolor figure paintings I kind of liked. Still nothing from oil painting I have the courage to show yet. Hopefully soon...

Here's some pages for a cheerleader pinup calender I'm making for my basketball-playing brothers for Christmas. I went with my typical flat-graphic no outlines designs with the texture on the background due to time constraints: I hope to try something more original for future big projects, honest. Any feedback would be very helpful.


shellywan said...

Hovering: i was talking about Moogles~ They are too darn cute. Have you play Crystal Chronicles when you can paint your Moogle and style his/her hair...? ^___^

I think the girls look great. i think the 2nd and 4th one are more successful because there are some hard graphic elements(floor, court lines). So maybe they would benefit from some extra grphic lines in the hair. Check this guy's work for what i am talking about:


Francis Vallejo said...

nice work! Your bros are lucky to be getting such a rockin calendar. If I can suggest that the girls with actual physical backgrounds work the best right now. The one that bothers me the most is the dot one...I do like the locker roon one a lot!!!

Goobeetsablog said...

some crazy awesomeness
in the drawings.

and some sad reality
in this post.