Monday, February 11, 2008

Playing with acrylics. And FF walks

And here's the last of those F-ing FF walks. Hopefully I'll be starting work again soon, so I figured I'd better get brushed up on my flash.

Red-headed freight train with a chip on his shoulder. Shoulders which were a nightmare to flash-animate.

Formally benevolent Queen turned power-hungry (Formally merely hungry).

Delightfully foppish drag queen villain.

Stiltzkin and Mog

Two more significant moogles; extemely cute and enterprising little fellows. Usually involved in trade work.


macaronni said...

I dig the Elephant March Hotel concepts. Hope to see more of them!

yums said...

Nice variety of walk cycles!

I had to do animate a cat waddling up a mountain of kitty litter, with sponges duct taped to her feet today and I couldn't do it! Will try the walk cycle again tmrw :|

K+L said...

hey Will, How are you ? I've been busy looking for work... What about you ? What have you been up too ? Hopefully we can do something soon.

kadianimate said...

great cycles!

The sphinx is really nice too, i like how pushed her body is.