Sunday, February 17, 2008

poses for animation

Worked out the poses for some traditional animation. Hope to get the bulk of it done before work starts. I'm getting a new folio and demo ready to apply for an internship and a larger studio. Maybe I'll even get some half decent water/acrylic paintings done that are good enough for it.

Just finished the last of a three-book story by Terry Pratchet. Any fantasy fan owes it to him/herself to read some of this guys work; especially since I heard the poor guy's got Alzheimer's. I just finished "The color of magic" series by him and am now determined to do a line-up based on it.
Another audio-book series I've been taken by is all the old Holme's series. The films never got Sherlock and Watson right, in my opinion. Watson is not comedy relief; if anything he's the straight man. He shows compassion and humanity openly where Holmes might, if not deny it then certainly suppress it. I've never seen a filmed version of the Baskerville hound that satified me, either (He's supposed to glow!). Still, Apparently there's a 2002 version that I'm curious about


kadianimate said...

I really want to read his witch series, but Heather doesn't have them (she's my freebie library) I'm reading the Night Watch series, which is incredible. I love the cops, and Sam Vimes.

Richtoon said...

Woah! Eclectic imagery over here... Good stuff!

Skid said...

I love that Sherlock Holmes good.

Ps, everyone loves to draw pretty women.

Tealin said...

Yay Holmes! Yay Pratchett! Yay yay yay!