Monday, March 31, 2008

Another Hoshi test

I figure everyone who designs or approves characters should be forced to animate them as well, and that should clear up any disputes much more easily. The premise is Hoshi is standing outside the entrance to his new job for the first time.

I didn't manage to finnish the watercolor I was working on in time. Maybe for next week.


macaronni said...

I laughed alot with this one. Good timing.

Can you choose which frame you're able to see at the preview image?

Cause I think that helped too not giving away the 'ending'

Tevik Avakyan said...

I really liked your animation, I could feel what the character was going through.

victoriaying said...

Fantastic! Love this stuff on your blog!

Brandon Waltman said...

this is great animation. timing is awesome. i love the style he is done in also
very inspiring

Kristian said...

love it , love it, love it all!
are you using flash when you do these great animations?
wow i'm gobsmacked!

tomm said...

this is great..whats your process on these?

Sean Covernton said...

oh... apparently my previous post didn't post. Odd. Anyways, Sweet poses!