Monday, March 10, 2008

Kobala zoo promo peice

Just finished my first week of work in months. I didn't manage to finish the revisions to my animation, so hopefully next week. But I'm trying to get a promo done for Studio B's Bhive pitch collection. Did an art peice to go with one of my pitches for a zoo cursed with entertainment.

I know its a style I've probably been overusing, but I thought it would be most sutable for a flash show. Maybe I'll get some animation tests for it done at some point (walk cycles and stuff).

First though I gotta finally get my bloody demo and portfolio updated. Oy. I need to write down a list of priorities.


Beatriz Iglesias said...

This illo is great...I'm in love with the crocodile! ^__^

andrew said...

looks like a fun show.....your animation from the last post is really nice too