Friday, May 16, 2008

Tales from the farm

Work was slow, so I figured while I waited for the results from the Pixar internship I'd visit my folks. Aside from doing some cow-related work, I thought I'd brush up my waterpaintings. Sadly, the best one I did was taken in for framing (it was a mothers day gift) before I had a chance to scan it in. I suppose I can take a photo of it when my mother gets it home.

Meanwhile, here's Hoshi, the narrator for "The Obi Bandits". She's a Kyoto tour guide who tells some western tourists the story of the greatest heist of 18th century japan.

And here's an afternoon quick painting of one of the local rivers, you forget how beautiful this place is when you're gone. Hopefully I did it partial justice.

Sure was sad what happened in China. My cousins are teaching english there, but luckily they weren't in the same area. No less tragic for that, of course.


tomm said...

thanks for teh words of encouragment on my blog sir! Hopefully someday soon we'll be going into production on new projects and you will available to join us. until then of luck!

Sorrentino said...

Glad the family is ok, lovely watercolors! I am in awe of your character designs!

EL GRANDE said...

Stunning! I'm about to walk the Appilation Trail for two weeks and I can't wait to do some watercolors like these. GREAT STUFF!

Joe y Elio