Sunday, June 15, 2008

Pixar's doing John Carter of Mars!

I originally only new of it through sci-fi art. About a quarter through reading it as we speak.

It's official though, Pixar is currently working on the screenplay for an adaptation of "John Carter of Mars". It'll definitely be a big change of pace.

Apparently they haven't decided if it'll be animated or live action. The animation nerd in me hopes all animated, just because it'll be such a brave challenge to try and pull it off in that medium. What with this and the live action film Brad Bird's doing, the princess archer thing, and Wall-e coming out in a few weeks, I really think Pixar's trying to push the medium out of the kiddie-safe thing. Naive as that might sound.

If they do this project in animation, I really hope they get Bill Pressing to design the princess. His sexy girls are so cute, charming and have such an appealing flow.


phc said...

wonderful !!!


Alina Chau said...

COOL painting!

speak in doodles said...

I'd love to see it animated...I'm just a sucker for cartoons =D

Vhrsti said...

Great blog, William! Full of inspiration here!

Zorilita said...

Awesome painting! And yeah I do wish Dreamworks would do more animation in the line-less style too.