Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"The Tour"

Yet again, a watercolor attempt fails and I'm reduced to doing a peice over digitally (arrrghh).

This scene depicts the narrator of Kimi's tale, showing an ancient castle to a group of western tourists in Kyoto. She will ultimately draw them to Gion, and indirectly assist the preservation of her ancestor's art form.

Hoshi is a history nerd, with overgrown feet, a lisp, and a degree of clumsiness ill-fit for someone who insists on wearing heels. Still, she has a way with words that overpowers her gawky appearance, and a knack for introducing and drawing in international visitors to Japanese culture.

And here's the front of a birthday card for one of my old classmates . A sweet, level headed fellow. At least this watercolor turned out. The large, surrounding negative space was for signatures from other party attendants, which was well-used.

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ryan said...

nice drawing, nice colors!