Sunday, October 12, 2008

Finished demo.

Welp, here's what i just sent to Disney. I ended up working straight till 7:00 a.m. tidying up lots of the separate frames in photoshop and fixing the odd off arc I noticed. No doubt I'll notice some new ones, even though it'll be in California in a matter of weeks. Assuming it makes it through the gauntlet that is iternational mail on time.


Bobby Pontillas said...

Good luck William! This came together really great and I'd say you have a good chance man.

Hopin for the best!

Ben Reynolds said...

Dude..excellent animation and I LOVE your designs. I think they're awesome. Good luck with this man!

Ryan Green said...

Excellent animation! Let us know how it goes with Disney!

Ronald Theelen said...

Yeah, I like the “Iria Test” a lot! Especially the movement of her legs kicking away the sheets. Very well done!
Wish you very good luck!!