Monday, November 24, 2008

The Goblin King

The Goblin king greats his old friend Ovis in the traditional way. Goblin's aren't necessarily malicious, they're just a very tactile species... Ah part of their nature that has made them unpopular with other societies; at least until they learned to be multicultural towards more fragile species. This is why they love their visits with Ovis, because you might as well try punching an anvil wrapped in sheepskin.

Oh, and one other interesting event in San Fran; the squirrel's mean business.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Iria's family

I may have exceeded the bounds of good taste with my SF journal last time, I'm still learning boundaries a bit, I suppose.

Anyway, not much this week, as I'm trying to get back into freelance and start up on some more 2D animation of my own....

Here's Iria's family, whom I've been trying to sort out for months secretly; straight, handsome characters always intimidate me. I hope their not too bland, though technically that is kind of part of them. The idea is elves have amazing magical powers, but have such weak imaginations that they can't do anything fanciful (or malignant) with it. Iria is half human, which waterred her elvin magic so much that all she can do it change colors, but she has the imagination to do breathtaking, and ultimately powerful, things with it. Iria'd almost never wish to be completely elvin, if she hadn't also been deprived of their infuriating inability to gain weight...

Monday, November 10, 2008


Well, my week in San Fransisco was a week of experiences, lets hope it's broadened me; lord knows it has broadened my bank account. Oh well, back to being poor again...

I loved the city so much. So much personality with it's victorian suburbs, cable cars, easy transit and so many good places to eat! Even the grubbier area where my youth hostell was felt cleaner and safer then Vancouver's seedier areas. Loved it despite the fact that rainy, gloomy weather followed me the whole week.