Monday, January 19, 2009

William Wantsa Guinea Pig!!

After meeting my cousin's during the holidays, I have vowed to get a Guinea Pig as soon as I've moved into accommodations worthier for one. The basement I currently reside in isn't fit for a plant, never mind an animal.

They make the coooooolest noises!

New Year's resolution?

Get in more life drawing.


Sean Covernton said...

Lovely life drawings! There's a number of videos of small rodents eating vegetables online. They are heart-shatteringly adorable.

Robin Hall said...

I have two rabbits whom I love to death. They don't make the noises (that would send them over the edge of the cuteness factor) but they're just awesome creatures! My roomates have three cavies (pigs) though, and the sound they make when they hear vegetables coming out of the fridge is adorable!

Keep up the awesome sketches there William!

Thomas F. Dougherty said...

Awesome piece! A Guinea pig makes a great pet for people who don't have a lot of space, or for those who wisely recognize cats for the fowl servants of the dark lord that they really are.