Monday, January 05, 2009

X-mas 08

Didn't do much in the way of artwork this christmas holiday, so not too much to show, and like an idiot I forgot to bring my charger for my camera, so only to good photos from home before the damn thing died on me....

PhotobucketGot lotsa snow this year, but then who didn't?

PhotobucketI gotta get a cat of my own, They're great. Not that I don't like dogs either...
Fairly typical visit to the farm; hiking with mom and the dog, along with the standard lecture of my negligence to exercise. Same old fueds among the relations, watching t.v. with cats in your lap, homemade party mix and our hottub. Wall-e got a good reception form my family I thought.

One interesting event, our farm's been invaded by wild turkeys; which apparently dig up the lawn to get seeds, and poke holes in the silage cover (hay that hasn't been bundled. Neither our goofy border collie nor the huge number of coyotes in our fields (dad doesn't mind them because cows are to big for them) can catch them before the fly away; which they do with far more grace then you'd expect.

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