Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Slight update. An improvement?

Well, he's first pass of the Perle Noire Dance. Any thoughts, anyone? The last split-kick she does at the very end is still bugging me; I don't know where to change it, though.
The university did a special burlesque-costume life drawing session last week. Thought I got some nice gestures out of it. Really cute costumes.


Bobby Pontillas said...

Wow! This is really impressive William! I love her energy and theres alot of fluidity but alot of it feels very spontaneous. Those kicks and gestures feel loose and lively!

If I may, my only comment is that it seems like she eases into her last pose too suddenly and easily. To me all the energy comes to a grinding halt into her last pose. I guess my inclination would be to get more residual energy tapering off towards the end. Perhaps that could be done by having her hit one more overshoot pose going up, and then have her come down into the final key pose.

Really though, great work. I'm super inspired!

Ronald Theelen said...

Wow! These look great! Very nice posing and expressions. Keep it up!

macaronni said...

Good stuff there Brandon.

I love the animation. What can I say? I'm a sucker for dance moves.

The improved version works much better I think.

pablo pablo said...

Very good artworks!

Sean Covernton said...

Look's good yo!