Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Maid with a Mallet

Yet another possibility for a short film. This one's less one's certainly a lot fuzzier then the elephant one, and probably even more trickier to translate in CG.... not to mention potentially unsettling if not handled tactfully. Regrettably, all these reasons seem to make it more intriguing to me.

Plus, I wanted to try doing something based on my experiences in Japan:

This was probably the most notworthy custom at one of those frightening cutesy maid cafes; very pretty girls mind you and the outfits certainly did them credit, but the whole scenario was far too "pink and frilly" for me to certainly consider the situation "sexy". Of course I've never found leather and leashes did anything for me, so I suppose Neither extremes work on me.

ANYWAY, all I can think of to expand on this scene of broad slapstick is possibly some sort of imaginative 2D animation of the "pain stars" taking a life of their own and interacting with the CG characters somhow.....

Now, in the real maid cafe I went to, the waitresses performed this assault with a harmless squeaky-toy mallet (not THAT much smaller then this), but given the appearance of the standard clientele, I'm sure they would've wished they had a more authentic one from time to time...

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Adam Temple said...

Interesting subject..Great work on your blog here. Your demo reel is muy entertaining! Nice work!