Friday, July 23, 2010

Bubble Hub animatic and cousin's wedding gift

And here is the animatic for my "Bubble Hub" test, with voice and effects edited in.

Both girl's voices are still in working development: they were done by the very talented Beatrice Tsang. You wouldn't believe how long it took to get a girl who could provide an amusing voice... Any thoughts would be certainly appreciated....

Wedding present for a cousin.


Adam Temple said...

That's pretty funny man. I hear you about the voices...tough call. Have you tried auditioning ppl on the street? At the very least you might find some reference for what you actually want...Nice nose. lol

Corey said...

Your animatic is full of life & character. I've heard you talking about these characters a bit & they seem to be coming alive on screen with little to no filter from your brain to the pen, which is great. Do your own thing and stay original, sir. Can't wait to see the completed short.