Tuesday, August 03, 2010

New Maid design

Animated three of fourteen shots for the Bubble Hub test so far. On the buses though I've been trying to redesign my cafe maid: I still want the teeny-character thing, but felt the last design was a bit too close to previous work. I ended up with the sort of spy vs spy nose that I thought helped match the broadness and silliness of the business man but still managing to be all cute.

I need a few background maids, so hopeful lots of these face studies'll allow me to come up with distinctive designs while still being able to recycle the body of the original maid (to save modeling/rigging time).


Chenny said...

wow i love how dynamic those poses are! really funny, they all made me giggle..i like the heart she makes with her hands :D

Mike Jones said...

Wicked work Will!
I'll never stop being impressed with how much stuff you manage to finish after a full work day!
great stuff!