Tuesday, August 02, 2011


GOOD GOD this took forever: stupid contract work. I can only HOPE that this went slowly because I was getting the Maya learning curve out of the way.

Anyway, YES I know it's fact, but I wanted to get locomotion down early. My next test is gonna be something slower.

Any thoughts?


Katy Hargrove said...

My instincts say, I'd like to see more of a hold in the air before he falls and scrambles back. That way I get more of a read on the reaction. Maybe have his head stay in place slightly longer even if his body is moving the same. He has such loose motions, but his shoulder/neck area is stiffly stuck together. Is it possible to enlarge his head for that read?

I really like the looseness. Reminds me a bit of Cloudy w/c meatballs.

A Lonely Weeaboo said...

Well, to be honest, that was better than ANY CGI Film I have ever seen. But thats because I hate CGI, unless its needed.

Anyways, Good job.

Karl said...

My, what a very promising test indeed! One day I hope to achieve that level of frantic action in my own CG animation (without exploding the rig into a knot) Kudos! There just isn't enough of this good stuff done with the medium- are people scared of trying it?