Tuesday, November 08, 2011


I know I know, a taboo LINE UP, but i wanted to see how the two different styles looked next to each other: if the more supernatural form drawn in a line-art style would work next to CG characters. More over, it's sooo hard to make a metro pretty boy not look gay... or not gay enough as it necessitates.

This is Bisho, a fox spirit with a passion for playing with the hearts of humans: something normally done by female foxes. There's lots of Kistune folklore about shape shifting foxes, and the rules vary enough i hoped I could take liberties: fox spirits can shape-shift into anything they want for the most part, but the only way they can pull off a human is with special fox masks. At the top is Bisho in his most basic form: straight fox. He's based on foxes that hang around Hokkaido temples and mooch food off people: they're such a perfect combination of scraggly and cuddly it's almost proffesional.

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Sonja said...

Hey! I happen to love your lineups. Drawing is drawing, many I know in the animation field don't work on their own projects period. Your work is inspiring.