Tuesday, February 12, 2013

London Store

 Bust computer made me miss the first month of the year :T.

FINALLY got this stupid painting up.  For some reason this old umbrella shop stuck in my memory above everythign else in London, Englad: and there was a LOT to remember.  UGH I missed Jan, i'll have to keep up more artwork. 

Below is a lovely acrylic painting my London-dwelling bro got me from his trip to Kenya: where his gf was interning for UN :).  The canvas stretch probably cost more then the amazing painting itself :)

(Updated: which one's better?)

One of my studio Dogs, in a moment of gand indignity: it's amazing how much the cone shows hoe skinny his is under all those curls

YAY, Louis Gonzale's gesture class taught me life drawing can be FUN again :).  Might post some of the gestures from it when i'm not already risking being two hours late for staying up posting stuff :)


sunfox33mb said...

Hey, just a random internet follower and lowly artist/animator trying to break into the business...

Was wondering if those pony (mlp:fim) layout pose sheets you posted a while ago were still available somewhere or somehow. They were terrific and sad to see they got removed before I could save more for reference and practicing.

If legal junk prevents that, no worries, just figured worth asking.

elephantmarchblog said...

haha yes, by simple mistake of not reading my cobtract: ivrealized it wasnt allowed. Nothing there you cant pause and study from the shiw though.